Accio Kids Pick: You Can Read

NEW series here on Accio Librarian! I’m calling it Accio Kids Pick, for lack of a better name.  At work we share Staff Picks on our intranet, and I thought I would start sharing mine here, too.

First up, You Can Read by Helaine Becker & Mark Hoffmann

I put a hold on this newly released book purely because of the title (and cover).  I loved it! It’s an ode to the versatility of reading.

You Can Read book coverEach page features a different place you can read, along with a book with a witty title.  For instance, the “you can read on a mission” page features a book called “Secret Plans”.

It’s humorous (see pages like “you can read in your party clothes or in your underpants”), it has large text and not too many words, and simple yet bold illustrations.  Minus two words that I can’t even pronounce (fricassee and Tuktoyaktuk), it would be a great storytime read.

My only complaint is that the library is not included as a place where you can read 😦

Kirkus Reviews labels this book as being in the “reading is awesome” genre, and I think that’s my new favourite genre!


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