Mouse! In the library! Thought you ought to know…

The highlight of this past week (2 weeks ago!) was the discovery that we have our very own Library Mouse!  We were first introduced to our little friend in the librarians’ office, where he spent the day(s) just watching them work.  Then one night this week, he made his way out into the library, probably on the hunt for food.  Or a good book.  Or maybe to welcome the students back from Winter Break.

In any case, our Library Mouse was released into the wild not long after that.  He was found lazing about on the arm of one of our comfy chairs, gently coaxed into a box by a staff member, and then let outside.  It’s too early to tell if s/he’ll return (we’ll call him a he for now), or if there are more library mice in our presence but nonetheless, our Library Mouse provided me with some out-of-the-ordinary excitement.

The wonderful part of this story is that even though Library Mouse wasn’t with us very long, he’s become a bit of a celebrity.  I told my family about this exciting little creature, and then my mom, in turn, told her Senior Kindergarteners all about him.  And they are crazy about him!  Which doesn’t come as a surprise, as they are no stranger to the idea of animals in the library.  I was their “guest librarian” the other day, and the girls were telling me all about the books they have read featuring animals in the library, including: Library Lion, Stuart Little at the Library, and Library Mouse!

The Adventures of Daniel Kirk’s Library Mouse and my little Library Mouse reminded me of Monique Felix’s wordless picture book series featuring, yup you guessed it… mice!  I was first introduced to this adorable series back in library school, when I presented on wordless picture books for children.


Class activity featuring Monique Felix’s Mouse Books

Other than this post on wordless picture books, I never got around to sharing much about that presentation.


Jerry Pinkney’s The lion & the mouse, and Monique Felix’s The valentine, The opposites, and The Boat.

So in following the addage of better late than never, here is a quickie spotlight on one of my favourite wordless picture book series.

Book covers from the Mouse Book series

Some titles in the Mouse Book series

In a nutshell, the Mouse Books use only illustrations to chronicle the adventures of a mouse (or mice) trapped in a book!

In captivating wordless-ness, the little mouse ingeniously folds, tears, chews, and builds his way out of the book.

Sometimes sails himself out.


Other times he paints himself out.


No matter how our little mouse manages to escape from the book, one thing remains the same: the illustrations are beautiful, no words are necessary, and readers will delight in creating their own stories of our little mouse’s adventures.

To find out more about Felix’s Mouse Books and to explore the inside of these stories, jump (or sail or paint) your way over to The Creative Company.


Thanks for reading!
– K



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