2016, the Year of the Reading Challenge(s)

So I’ve decided that 2016 will be the Year of the Reading Challenge(s).  For the past five years, I’ve had little time to read a book for pleasure, by choice, out of curiosity, because it had a nice cover.  Between undergrad, multiple summer jobs, and library school, the vast majority of literature I’ve read has all been school-related.  I have learned that I’m not one of those people who can find time to read copious amounts of books (i.e., the amount needed to complete one reading challenge, let alone multiple!) in addition to being a student.  I wish I were.  One of my dear library school friends managed to read more than 365 books in 2015, on top of finishing her MLIS! She amazes me.  I, on the other hand, am not that talented.

BUT. 2016 is a whole different story.  I’m not a student anymore.  I don’t work multiple summer jobs. I have one full-time job.  So between my hour dinner break, the 3 hours it takes to get to work and home again, the few hours I have before starting work, and the 2 days I have off a week, I figure I have ample time to read.

So with that being said, I’ve found three lists that I hereby challenge myself to complete in 2016:

A few rules I’ve set out for myself:

  1. Only count books I complete (I’ll keep a separate list of the ones I abandon)
  2. One book per category – no repeats, even if it’s for a different list
  3. Children’s books don’t count – since I’m quite passionate about all the latest and greatest titles in Children’s literature, I’ll read as many as I can get my hands on but keep a separate list going
  4. A few of these titles must be non-fiction

Annnd I think that’s all for now.

Up first: Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee.

Happy reading!
– K


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