Digital Disciplines: Digital Humanities + Peace Studies

Monday seems to have gotten away from me, so I am (sheepishly) a little late in posting these oh so interesting readings for the digital disciplines seminar I will be leading on Thursday.  In class on Thursday, I will be investigating the relationships between Digital Humanities and Peace Studies, which in turn sparks a greater debate about the interdisciplinary nature of Digital Humanities and if Social Science disciplines can utilize Digital Humanities tools? I’ve posted some readings to get you thinking.

You may be looking at the list and saying to yourself, this girl is crazy.  Yes, I know it’s week 6, we’re knee-deep into the semester (almost half way done!), and you have things to do.  But, you don’t have to read all six.  I’d love it if you did, but I know that life happens and school is busy.  So pick and choose, and read what you can.

1.  Spiro, L.  (2014, April 9).  Defining digital social sciences.  [Blog Post]. Retrieved from

2.  Whitehead, J.  (2013).  Peace studies: An alternative perspective on international security.  [Unpublished dissertation].  E-International Relations.  Retrieved from   

3.  Alvarado, R. C.  (2012).  The digital humanities situation.  In M. K. Gold (Ed.) Debates in the digital humanities (pp. 50 – 56)Retrieved from

4.  Ramsay, S.  (2011, January 8).  Who’s in and who’s out.  Panel paper presented at the History and Future of Digital Humanities panel at the MLA Convention, Los Angeles.  Retrieved from

5.  * Please read only the Executive summary (p. 1 – 4) and One culture (p. 7 – 8) in:
Williford, C., & Henry, C.  (2012, June).  One culture: Computationally intensive research in the humanities and social sciences: A report on the experiences of first respondents to the Digging into Data Challenge (CLIR pub151).  Retrieved from the Council on Library and Information Resources website:   

6.  Cooper, R.  (2014).  Peace and conflict studies.  Peace Review, 26(4), 514 – 516.
doi: 10.1080/10402659.2014.972250
(Read this one in context of what the author says about the nature of peace studies, not the Peace and Conflict Studies journal).

Happy reading!


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