Oh hi there, semester two.

Well, after 5 (much needed) weeks off, here we are again.  2015. Winter semester. Semester two.  Yesterday marked the end of a nice first week back: returning to a wintery London (that’s not how I left it); catching up with friends and peers; working on assignments even before I’ve had the class (who am I?) and going to group meetings, meetings, meetings all week long.

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 10.43.07 PM

But, just as my professor told us last term, I’ll never have to complete the first week [of second term] of library school again! 5 days down, only 90 more to go… but who’s counting?!

Second term seems much more intriguing, and much more diverse than my previous term.  Oh, and much more overwhelming.  More assignments, more responsibilities, and more anxiety.  But I’m sure 2015 will challenge me in many ways academically and professionally, especially if co-op is in the near future for me! You know, if in between my 40+ assignments and all those forum posts (I’m looking at you, academic libraries) I manage to write some resumes.

It’s not as bad as it sounds, I promise.  I’m excited for all the new things I will learn this semester, and the many new areas of library land I will get to explore! From taking challenging courses (Online Academic Libraries, Collection Development, Prospect Research in Fundraising, Web Design & Architecture, and Children’s Materials from Birth – 7 years), to volunteering and attending the OLA Super Conference in Toronto at the end of the month (SO looking forward to it), to going on a few field trips to Toronto, I cannot wait to see where this semester takes me, and how it will help me grow as an information professional.  It may be a crazy 4 months at best (and insanity at worst), but I have faith it will all work out.

Now, back to tea and picture book reading (I certainly won’t complain about a course that allows me to read children’s books every week).


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