Library, I Work at a Public

For a while now, I’ve been eyeing Gina Sheridan’s book I Work at a Public Library but have been holding out on buying it because, go figure, I can get it at the library.  However, this morning, I stumbled across an entire blog dedicated to her idea of sharing stories straight from the library stacks.  Let’s just say today hasn’t been my most productive day.

Anyway, I share this with you because if you take the time to read the little anecdotes shared on the blog, you can glean so much as to what it’s like working in a library organization.  Though the images and stories are little snippets of what take place day to day within a library, they speak volumes (pun intended) about the diverse clientele and their diverse information needs.  They show how much demand is placed on a librarian (or library worker in general) and illuminate the importance of taking the time to acknowledge a patron’s information need and the importance of working through the problem together.


While some of the stories are more humorous than serious (and some are just downright strange), the ones that spoke to me the most tell about how much of an impact the library space or a particular library staff member has made on a patron’s day/week/life. These are the stories that remind me that libraries play an essential and irreplaceable role within communities, and they are the ones that remind me that no matter how innovative and dynamic (and scary) the changing nature of libraries are, libraries will always exist in some form or another.

So, if you’re in need of a laugh, or are simply curious as to what the heck goes on in the life of a librarian, check it out here, here and here.  And also here.

Happy reading!

– K


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