Why accio?


Naming this blog was no easy task.  After reading Alex Halavais’s musings on naming a professional blog, and after a long hour of toying with many different options, I’ve settled on acciolibrarian. 

But why?


Because I feel that it encompasses many different aspects of my perspective on libraries, information and access.  Accio comes from J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter and is a summoning charm. One says accio and follows it with whatever object they wish to obtain or bring to themselves.  Librarians are individuals who, among countless other things, are gatekeepers and key holders to a wealth of knowledge and information – they help others access information.  I think these two concepts complement one another rather nicely: if one is in need of answering a question, or finding information, who better to summon than a librarian?

Not to mention the fact that my love for Harry Potter and my last name compelled me to somehow incorporate J.K Rowling’s magical world into my blog.  For me, Rowling’world of witchcraft and wizardry represents an indelible kind of magic, one that can be created through stories, books, libraries.  For me, like many others, libraries are magical places with endless possibilities and opportunities; a place where anything can happen once you discover the power of the information that lies within its walls.


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