Hi there.

Welcome, glad you stumbled upon me.  As I sit down to write this with a cup of tea (what else is better?), I realize that I don’t really know where or how to begin – I’m new to this whole blogging thing. I suppose the first thing to do would be to introduce myself.


Hi, I’m Katelyn Granger, the librarian (to-be) behind acciolibrarian.  I’ve just graduated from McMaster University with an Honours BA in Political Science and a minor in Economics and, as of 3 days ago, I am a Masters of Library and Information Science student at the University of Western Ontario.  Though this blog has been created as part of a course requirement, it is my hope that it grows into something larger than just a semester’s worth of thoughts and ideas.

Libraries have always held a special place in my heart, a love-affair that started with story time at the age of 3 and has grown over time.  I was hired by the Burlington Public Library as a student page almost 7 years ago, a decision that was sparked by my obsession with reading.  The summer before I was to start my undergrad at McMaster, I was hired as a circulation clerk within BPL, first as a summer clerk at 3 of 7 branches and then come Autumn, was asked to stay on as a system wide call-in clerk.  Working behind the circulation desk allowed me to garner a deeper understanding and awareness of the role that the public library plays within the community and the individual lives of its patrons, and how valuable the library really is as a public space.

However, my library story does not stop there.  This past summer, I was asked to work as a library assistant at 3 of 7 branches, and was able to experience a whole new niche within the library system.  I was fortunate enough to be able to perform story times at several of the branches, and really grew in the knowledge I had about the varying needs and resources that are common throughout the system, and about the needs that are very specific to each branch, because of geography or demographics or some other variable. And now, I am here. At UWO, studying the science (and art) of libraries and information.

When selecting my major in undergrad, I had no idea where I was destined to be, or what field I was supposed to emerge myself in.  It wasn’t until my 3rd year that I suddenly realized that I could make a profession out of a passion – one that starts with books and a love of reading but by no means ends with them.  So here’s hoping that library school shows me exactly where my talents lie within this vast information field and is every thing I know it can be.  3 days in, and it seems like it is.


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